Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome To Girls Studies, Fall 2009

“Because ‘girl power’ must be more than stickers, shoelaces, and songs.”
–Susan Hentges, “From Girl Power to Empowerment”

I also emailed this to you:

Hello class:) Welcome to Girls Studies online. I am Leandra Preston, your Instructor. You may refer to me as Leandra or Professor or whatever makes you comfortable. Since Girls Studies is about girls and their various cultures and subcultures, it's appropriate for our class discussion to take place through a popular communication medium for girls--blogs. This is our class blog site. We also have a Webcourses site, to which I will upload the syllabus, schedule, and other relevant materials but most of our communication and work will take place here on our blog. Set up a profile and avatar (it can be a photograph or image) before posting your first blog; if you do not use your real name for your display name, be sure it's included in your profile for grading purposes. Grades will be posted at Webcourses. We also have a Facebook group from a previous Girls Studies' class that I like to use, so join the group if you are on Facebook and feel free to use it when relevant or necessary (link is on syllabus). If you did not receive the syllabus via email, it will be available at Webcourses in a day or two. Otherwise, email me at and I will send you one. Looking forward to the semester! Leandra


mhendrix said...

Hello Classmates!

I am new to this blog thing so just testing it out! Hope you all have a great semester!

Natasha said...

I don't know how to post my discussion to this blog can you help me?