Sunday, August 30, 2009

About me/Your life as a girl

A bit about me
Hi Everyone! My name is Amy Goldrod, and I am currently a junior here at UCF. I really love this school, and love being involved on campus. My first two years, I was a part of the Student Government Asssociation, and am also involved with Greek life. My major is Advertising/Public Relations, and have been interning in that field as well. Other things I have done in the past two years include teaching, being a camp counselor at a sleep away camp, and volunteering. I believe that you get out of life what you put into it, so I try to put in a lot!
I am taking this class because I love taking Liberal Arts electives, and want a well rounded education. I would consider myself a “feminist” to a certain extent, but not in a radical way what-so-ever. My minor is Psychology and I figured that this class would be interesting and relate to my minor, as I have been learning about all different types of people.
As a girl myself, I figure it is important to know about other woman. I hope that learning about others will help me learn about myself.
“Your life as a girl”
At the beginning of the story, there is much evidence that the young girl is a “tom boy.” Being the four square queen and fastest girl are just a couple of examples that are proof of this. However, it does not stop the author from capturing girlhood in her story. As the story progresses, and the girl turns into a young lady, we see how femininity becomes apparent. Wearing baggy clothes, and going on numerous diets are just the beginning of her self-consciousness. She also starts to care what everyone thinks about her, and is constantly analyzing, and criticizing herself. In the story, she even admitted to believing that everything about her was “horrifying.” She then begins running two miles followed by 250 flights of stair master every day.
The reason I say all of this is a part of girlhood is because self consciousness is strongly prevalent among the majority of teenagers throughout their high school careers. Self esteem issues are very common. Unfortunately, it is almost inevitable that worrying about what peers think of you is a part of growing up.
Although the stories in Red are a bit different from Anna’s, I see a similarity. The reason that I can find a connection among the stories in “Red” and “Your life as a girl” is because when it comes down to it, we are all girls. No matter our background, culture, or upbringing, girls are all the same everywhere. We all have intensified emotions, whether it be anger, happiness, or even self consciousness. Girls all over the world are very similar to each other in that aspect of life. We all go through it. We are more in touch with ourselves, and even though the stories in “Red” describe more of the memorable moments of a girl’s life, while Anna’s story is just brief examples of her girlhood, they both capture how similar we really are to each other.

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Lindsey said...

I agree with you when you say you feel self-esteem issues play a big role in girlhood. Out of the whole story, I did relate somewhat to that. There are many moments (although these are more recently) when I worry about my body shape. I remember being really self conscious about my hair being too poofy, but I have since learned to appreciate it's volume ;)