Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hey new classmates! My name is Haley, I'm 22, and in my LAST semester ever at UCF! I'm getting my degree in interpersonal/organizational communication. While looking for the last few requirements of needing upper level classes, I saw the description of this class and immediately signed up. I first started getting interested in this topic in the Gender Studies class, which is why I was excited when I saw this class. I'm actually from Chicago, and moved here just for school. I'm always interning/volunteering at places relevant to my career. That's about all I can think of for now!

Concering the "Your Life as a Girl" story, I was surprised at how into the story I was, wanting to see the next stage of Anna's thoughts and experiences. I think that it doesn't necessarily represent girlhood for everybody- I think that depends on environment and each girl herself. However, I think it was a great generalization of what many girls might experience in their own "girlhoods." I liked that one of the topics emphasized was that different thoughts and topics take on different priority in a girl's mind as she gets older.

Concering the "Red" readings, these stories ere so easy to read as well! I love reading stories like these, kind of reminds me of the Chicken Soup books- real people, real experiences. I like that these stories had to do with looking back on memories from childhood ("Lately") and the thoughts and feelings of girls explaining "girlhood," such as in "Alone."

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