Sunday, August 30, 2009


Hi! My name is Lauren, i'm 23 yrs old and a senior! I can finally say i'm in my last year at UCF! I have 4 classes left until I have successfully completed my bachelors with a major in psych. and a minor in women's studies. I am taking this course as one of my required courses for women's studies, they said they would sub it in. I am a manager at Publix, so I work a lot and basically have no life. Especially have no life with work, school, and volunteering at Serene Harbor, a local women's shelter. This would be why I have nothing too interesting to write about myself. :)

As far as the readings go, I identified with these little girls' stories. I can remember feeling the same things when I was younger, it makes me wish I was a kid again - even though some of the feelings I felt weren't all that great.

In "Your Life As a Girl", I cannot relate to this as much as some of my friends growing up could. I remember longing for a boy's attention, but at the same time wishing no one would look at me. I was never obsessed with exercise, nor did I ever think I was "fat" at that age, that came later on in life, like now. lol... Like Anna, I was a tomboy, but this "phase" lasted until high school for me. Even though to this day I greatly appreciate sports, and apparently that is a quality that guys also appreciate. So I guess you could say that these early days of my life benefited me more than I knew back then. I guess after reflecting on this, I identify with a lot of what Anna wrote about. Being naive, wishful, and also ashamed of what you were... trying to fit in. My early teenage years were spent longing to fit in. It wasn't until high school that I stopped caring (as much) and focused on the friends I had. To this day, I still try to fit in sometimes, maybe not to the extremes I went to when I was younger, but I think everyone does to a certain extent. I feel like this story accurately captured "girlhood". I read others' responses with some saying they didn't identify with this reading, but every woman's "girlhood" is different I suppose. It connects with the stories in Red because it tells of how Anna feels about everything in her life during "girlhood" -- her insecurities about herself and boys, friends, school, her "tomboy-ness", etc. All of the stories in Red reflect on how those girls feel towards those things, as well as other important events that occur early on in life.

In Red, I truthfully enjoyed reading each story. I probably identified in one way or another with every story in this assignment. It made me think back on my childhood and realize how much those years impacted me and made me the person I am now. I also thought back on the things that I miss, the simplicity that it was back then. Even though back then it was the end of the world if something bad happened -- like being told I couldn't go outside and play. If that was my worst crisis right now, I'd be okay with that. :)
Mini Mountain made me think of softball. I used to be such a tomboy. I played softball from age 9 to 16. Softball, to me, was like being in a whole different world, like the gym was to "Mini" when she was rock-climbing. All of these stories tell you that girls have a lot of the same feelings as they grow up, just maybe different circumstances. Growing up is hard for a girl, and these stories reflect on life "happenings" and how they were affected by them. When we felt like we found ourselves, when we lost someone - or something - we loved, a certain place we most enjoyed when we were young, etc. If I think back to my "girlhood" I identify with each one of these.

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