Monday, August 31, 2009

A day late, but glad to be here

Hey everyone, my name is Jen Torrent and I’m a senior at UCF this year as a Psychology major with a Sociology minor. I eventually plan on pursuing a PhD in Sport Psychology. I’m a cheerleading and gymnastics coach to pre-school students and that job pretty much drains me. Generally I do find some time for myself and I usually spend it in the gym. I’m an aspiring Olympic weightlifter, which can sometimes be a struggle socially, but a confidence builder at the same time. I’ve been dating a girl for the past two and a half years and that’s been a really awesome experience. I come from a very accepting family, so being gay is something I look at more as a blessing than anything else. I hope to gain a bit more working knowledge of society’s impact on girls which will give me insight on how to treat them as athletes/ clients. I’m excited to get some perspective and opinions from others. This is my first women’s studies class and also my first time blogging, so it’s almost like stepping into a new genre of learning which is probably going to be an eye-opening adventure.

Sittenfeld wrote in a way that made the life of an adolescent female seem a bit rushed, but maybe that was just her style of writing. I thought the most about how teenage girls have a good amount of time to themselves and this is where the extreme emotions tend to fester. There was definitely a good deal of accuracy in the time line style of her writing. The way that the boys continually treated Anna, I think was accurate of many girls experiences. In the story she did choose to have some respect for her personal space, and because of that her relationships with the opposite sex were nonexistent. Unfortunately, I think that might be a true mirror of many co-ed situations. This story didn’t however go into her actual physical appearance, which I thought would have been a prominent aspect.

The stories from the girls in Red were definitely in a very different voice. They were much more masochistic in many cases. These stories are more so about certain aspects of a girl’s life as opposed to her journey through adolescence. They are stories and for that reason, can exclude any insecurity she may have. On the other hand, because they are expressions of these girls, they may be the most accurate account of how they truly view the world. They all seemed very age appropriate, but I don’t know if I myself could have written in such a reflective light as some of these girls did at their age. My favorite of the stories was Mini Mountain I think just because it was such a success story. I could really relate to and understand her confidence growing with time and experience. I also enjoyed so much that she felt proud of her strength as opposed to being shy about it. Overall, I thought the stories were connected to Sittenfeld’s piece in the idea that each girl felt that her story was life altering on some level.

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