Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Would it Have Been Different if She Were a Guy?

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This Duke student emailed a few of her girlfriends a PowerPoint that she created to describe her sexual encounters in a scientific manner; the document was leaked and gained national publicity.
This PowerPoint was created like a thesis (rumored to be exactly that) complete with graphs, pictures and detailed descriptions of all the men she had sexual relations with.
What I was interested to find out is why so much hype? Is it because it is something so risqué and personal that went viral or something else?
I am forced to wonder, would the reactions be different if she were a male? Is this gesture empowering her or just tarnishing her name? I personally believe the reason this gained so much national attention, aside from being so personal and intrusive, is because it is a woman speaking up about her sex life. We all know many men may do it, but women are thought of being more private. Is she braking the rules or just ruining her reputation?


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