Saturday, September 22, 2012

Too much too soon!

So we were sitting down to dinner and I'm sharing our readings from this week and that prompted a conversation with my 15 year old directed to Midge, the Happy Family doll that had at one time been  recalled.  Apparently, she had no wedding ring on her finger and the packaging did not include her “husband.”  Of course, I had to look this up, and boy was I shocked at what I learned.  It went way beyond the no-ring on. 
Yes, she was recalled (only at Wal-Mart across the country) based on the fact that she glorified teen pregnancy.  It seems when she was released she was only 17, and she was released with a 3 year old and a husband, but they were not sold together.  Now she was pregnant again, she at first was released without a ring.  That was fixed, as my daughter said, and they began making her with the ring.  While searching for this, I found…I am not even sure where to begin… a breastfeeding doll (Bebé Glotón), triplets that curse (you and me doll), a pole dancer doll, Teen Talk Barbie, and two different tattoo Barbie’s, one called Tattoo Barbie, and one called Tokidoki Barbi.  Check her out!  (Going for $500 on eBay, fyi)  I can’t believe how much influence these manufactures really have over our kids….


~Sara Lopez said...

I honestly do not see anything wrong with Bebe Gloton, the breastfeeding baby. It is the best and most natural way to feed a baby. All baby dolls in the market "teach" little girls to bottle feed, so why not show them how it really is done.

Stacey Feldman said...

I wasn't saying I disagreed with it; I breast-fed too! I was just shocked to see that these particular toys existed, that it goes beyond the traditional girls clean house and care for the kids by bottle feeding and changing diapers. I mean, who wants to encourage kids to pole dance at such a young age?