Friday, September 28, 2012

An inspiration to girls and women

Young woman forced to defend her looks (Credit Balpreet Kaur via Twitter)
Balpreet Kaur is a female student at Ohio State University and she is the president of the university's Sikh Student Association.  Due to hormone levels during her teenage years she has facial hair and is often rediculed and questioned of her sex. She recently had a picture taken without her knowledge which was posted online and cyber bullying surrounded this image.  Instead of taking offense to remarks she explains that her body, just the way it is, is a perfect gift and her religion does not allow for anything to be altered or for her hair to be cut.  She explains that her attitude and her actions have more value than her appearance.  Her role is to serve and that is possible in any physical form.  She is a role model for girls and women.  We ARE perfect just the way we are and Balpreet is a reminder of this. 

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Flor Latony said...

I wish I could share the same belief and worry more about my valuse instead of the very little facila hair I have. More power to her.