Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What girls see is an illusion!

Everytime I watch this video, I can never believe that is what all the magazines and billboards do these days. They take an origical image and make it beyond perfect. Young girls see these photos when they flip through magazines and think this is what they have to look like. They compare themselves to these images. No wonder we live in a world where beauty is the number one priority. I support dove because they show you that someone can look normal and still be beautiful.


Roo said...

I used to think that Dove was natural and used their soap for my family. My son who has allergies used this soap for years. Then, he started to get rashes all over and we found that it was coming from the soap. A little research found that Dove had changed their formula without announcing it to the public and had added ingredients that were not natural thus my son's allergic reaction.

Genevieve Adams said...

Well I am for dove