Wednesday, October 31, 2012

High School Girls Decorate Bras for Charity

     Throughout the month of October, cheerleaders at a Florida high school sport a large pink bow in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. 
     Each game the girls walk around asking for donations and give pink bracelets as thank you gifts. The message and fundraising is wonderfully appreciated. 
      October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month is supported Nationwide through many schools, companies and communities. 
      Many high school football teams host a "Pink Out" game where attendants wear all pink and players show support with pink socks or stickers. But did one school go too far? 

One Florida cheerleading squad had a "bra decorating party" where every member bedazzles, painted and decorated a pink bra to hang as decorations at the game. The bras were hung from a tent were donations could be made. The display was merely a dramatic visual; until halftime. 

Halfway through the game, people had asked if they could purchase the decorated bras as a donation. Instead of people making their way to the tent, the teenage cheerleaders were told to walk through the stands and sell the remaining bras. 

Many girls held the elaborately decorated bras to their chests in display as they walked around. Boys and men alike made comments about the girls "trying them on for them first" along with girls making jokes like "my boobs won't fit in this size" (implying both large and small breasts). 
Was this attempt at fundraising too far? Or just good publicity? 

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