Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Halloween?

Halloween is coming up, and it's time to shop for costumes! I have been seeing a lot of comparisons on tumblr this month of the differences between men and women's costumes. The problem shown in this particular blog starts to effect girls in at least high school. Men get the option to actually look like the thing they want to look like, while the women get the skimpy version of that same thing. For example, from the above blog, here you see a man and he is clearly a banana, and the woman looks like she's just in a little yellow dress that you might be able to zip right off right down the middle.

Another interesting post I saw recently was called, "The evolution of the Slutty Bee". It shows girls from toddlers, through the adolescent and teen years, and then the more adult options. I imagine if each of those pictures had the male counterpart attached, like in the above example, it would be the same from toddler to adult.

I feel like this is a very known problem, but I thought these posts illustrated it perfectly.

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