Saturday, October 13, 2012

Amanda Todd's Death was About More Than Bullying

This is such a tragic story, and not the first or last incarnation of such an outcome based on bullying. But it's not just about bullying, it's about much more than that. Read this important take on this by Krissy Darch (published in The Vancouver Explorer) in hopes that we can prevent such horrors from happening in the future, in hopes that Amanda Todd's death will not be in vain. --Leandra

Why Isn't Anyone Talking About the Misogyny Involved in Amanda Todd's Life and Death?

“Why isn't anyone talking about the sexism and misogyny involved in Amanda Todd's life and death? 'Bullying' is important, yes, but it is a vague term that glosses over the structural reasons for why it happens, like race/gender/class/ability. If we don't start talking about the specifics of power structures in high schools, every ‘bullying’ campaign will be a waste of time.”
“There was no discussion of the pressure girls like Amanda experience to measure their worth through their sexual desirability. From her story it sounds like this man had the hallmarks of a predator—he tried to use her photos to blackmail her and yet she's the one who got blamed. This comes from the idea that it's up to girls and women to protect their purity at the same time as all their role models in the media say that you need to ‘get a man’ to be a complete person, that you need to be sexually attractive to be liked, appreciated, and valued. She said the guy she showed off to was telling her how beautiful she was. Given our culture that can be really tempting for a girl.”

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