Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Interesting Article: Genderless Baby

I just read this article that popped up on my MSN homepage about a family keeping their baby's gender a secret so that "it" can't be pushed into any certain roles. They already have two sons, so I assume that eventually they will reveal baby Storm's sex, but even then, the article says that they allow their sons to dress as girls if they want to. But since a baby can't choose what it wears, do you think this is helping the baby? How? Thoughts?


Danielle Hayes said...

I'm glad you posted this one here, one of my friends posted this on Facebook, so I read the article. I find the whole thing fascinating. While I believe children and adults alike should have the freedom to choose, I find this particular topic bizarre. I get not wanting to gender stereotype your child, but completely hiding the gender of your child...I find a little extreme. Either way, I suppose it's an interesting experiment!

asha raghunauth said...

It seems to me that the parents are seeking publicity that is totally unnecessary. Why should these parents create confusion for their children by allowing them to dress as girls? Toddlers and preteens need direction and supervision,so I don't see why the parents should go against conventional wisdom. They ought to raise the boys to become men. It reminds me of the idiom "If it ain't broke don't fix it."