Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Honor Diaries Documentary

Warning: This is an intense video involving painful and traumatic issues.

Imagine being burned with acid, beaten, and murdered due to honor. I couldn’t wrap my head around this idea of death due to honor till I saw the movie Honor Diaries. It introduces us to nine activists fighting for the equality for women in the Middle East. One of my favorite activists from the movie Jasvinder Sanghera is on a new mission to bring awareness of honor killings in America. She needs everyone to sign the Petition to make July 14th a National Day of Memory for Women and Girls Killed in the Name of Honor.

Here are some of the facts from Honor Diaries website;
Contrary to popular belief, honor violence does not just happen overseas. In the last several years alone we have seen honor killings in the United States make the news and shock the nation. According to a report by Phyllis Chesler, there are 33 known victims that have been murdered for honor in North America, including:

  • In St. Louis, Missouri, 16-year-old  Palestina "Tina" Isa was murdered by her Palestinian father with the aid of his wife. Her parents were dissatisfied with her "westernized" lifestyle.
  • Amina and Sarah Said, two teenage sisters from Texas were killed, allegedly by their Egyptian father, who is still at large.
  • In Arizona, Noor Almaleki, age 20, was killed by her father, an Iraqi immigrant, because she had refused an arranged marriage.
  • Waheed Allah Mohammad stabbed his 19-year-old sister, Fauzia, outside of their home in New York because he felt she wore immodest clothing and behaved too “Western”.
It is important to learn more about the cultural contexts and implications of these killings but this is one perspective.

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