Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Chick Car

Just last week as I was outside of my friend’s apartment to pick him up; I watched as he looked around for my vehicle. I had text him that I was outside and he quickly responded.


I was the only vehicle parked in front of his apartment building so was very confused by his own confusing.

I replied “The white SUV with black tints”.

As he entered the vehicle he quickly said; “Well this isn’t your average chick car”.
I was appalled by his statement. Taken back as I had never associated any vehicle with gender and didn’t understand what the big commotion was about. Yes I drive an eight passenger Dodge SUV. What is the big deal?

The comments continued as my driving was also analyzed.
“Wow Jazz you don’t drive like a girl”.
“You can actually park this thing”?
“You don’t have both hands on the wheel? That’s a first.”

His remarks started to boil my nerves as I was almost ready to kick him out of the car and onto the interstate we were currently on. But it brings me to my point. There is no such thing as a chick car. Car manufactures don’t make cars for women nor do they make cars specifically for men.
As a car lover this term “Chick Car” grinds my gears. My uncle drives a Fiat, my male coworker drives a Mini Cooper, and my father in-law owns the most tricked out yellow Beetle known to man. All of these cars are generalized as “Chick Cars” and the perception that they drive a chick car and aren’t manly enough because of it is absurd.

As I further researched this term “Chick Car” I came across a valid point from Travis Okulski;
“But terms like "chick cars" are discriminatory, just like saying someone runs or throws "like a girl." Hey, how does a girl run? Because the last time I checked, most girls out there can run and throw just as well as, or, actually, far better than, a guy. Watch almost any first pitch thrown by a male celebrity and you'll know what I mean. The car world needs inclusion, not exclusion. We own certain cars because of the appeal they have to us, how they make us feel, how they make us act, the reactions they get, and the reactions they don't get. But to declare a car a "chick car" is a misguided attempt to discredit a person for their choices. It's not a reputation that should be embraced, it's not even a reputation that should exist.”

At the end of the day perhaps a vehicle might attract a "specific" gender over another but that shouldn’t allow judgment toward anyone, whether they drive a car with a super loud engine or a little slowpoke...and people shouldn’t be surprised that a women can drive a stick shift Nissan Skyline.

With love from a future 1970 El Camino SS owner,

Jesikah Jazz Centeno

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