Monday, December 1, 2008

Hey Ladies!

So looking back on this past semester, I really didn’t realize how much that I have learned until I sit down to think about it. Throughout Girls Studies, I have subtly gained knowledge that I can carry and pass on to everyone in my life. Thinking all the way to the beginning, I remember looking at a video on advertising and how over sexualized womyn are portrayed in the media, and how young girls see this and think this is how they are supposed to be. This class allowed me to reflect on my own childhood and think back on things that I thought or did because I saw them in magazines or on TV and I wanted to be beautiful like those womyn. And still today, it is difficult just how it was in middle and high school to see these “perfect” womyn constantly thrown in your face, and realizing that you don’t look like them, and most likely never will. But now I do have Feminism, and now I realize that people are airbrushed, and that a very low percentage of womyn actually do have the bodies that are shown. Before this class I never really thought about younger girls to be honest. I never thought about the giant impact that the media does play on a young girl’s outlook on life and herself. Now that I recognize this it really frustrates me because anorexia, bulimia, and drug use of grrrls and womyn could completely get eliminated if we weren’t exposed to the pressure at young ages of trying to look perfect, and be this feminine being that is so closely linked to Barbie.

This class has allowed me to fully evaluate our society and the principles that are installed in our minds throughout our childhood that move onto our adulthood. Again, it is so aggravating because you see it everywhere you go. Whether you’re watching TV or looking at your own family structure. What we are taught in the very beginning of our lives never leaves us. We might not remember learning how little grrrls or boys are supposed to act, but we will most likely follow suit and not even know why. That is what this class has really opened my eyes to. I know society is screwed up and it has helped to screw up many people, but to look back and analyze when this all came about is sickening, because we had our lives planned out before we even came out of the womb. The minute “you’re having a grrrl” was announced minds were made up on how to raise this child and the kind of life she will have.

So yes, Womyn Studies is of course awesome, but Grrrls Studies gets down to the core root and brings you back to how you used to think, and why you did things the way you did. This class was remarkable, and I definitely advise everyone to take it. I had so much fun, and I know everyone else did as well! :)



Ashl. said...
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Ariel Dansky said...

It's sad how the unrealistic images of women in the media affect girls. While I was visiting my orthodox jewish family in Maryland this weekend, my cousin told me that two girls in his community had died from anorexia. It's just so horrible. I was surprised to hear it, since their religion deemphasizes the importance of appearance for both women and men. It just goes to show that no girls are immune to the unrealistic images of women in the media.