Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cultural Artifact- Hannah Montana

After talking about Hannah Montana in class, I decided to watch a few shows. The first one I saw “You Are So Sue-Able to Me” I decided to do my cultural artifact paper on Hannah Montana. I already knew that so many girls absolutely adore Hannah, but I found myself aggravated by the Hannah character.

First of all, I don’t like the fact that Hannah is thin, blond, very flashy with her wardrobe, and that she wears a lot of makeup. So many people worship Hannah, but Miley, on the other hand, who is plain in her clothing, and has brown hair, is barely noticed. What does this tell young girls?
I also do not like how the Disney Company produces so many Hannah Montana products. Parents would have to struggle financially just to afford all other the CDs, DVDs, clothes, and everything else imaginable that Disney put out for them to buy. Instead of making things, like friendship bracelets, or spending time swapping clothes with friends like I did as a child, girls now are told to shop, shop, shop! And to make matters worse, all of the products are pink, purple, covered in glitter, or gold.

Girls need an alternative to Hannah Montana. Lilly is a step in the right direction with her love of skateboarding, and not to ‘girlie’ actions, but Hannah openly criticized Lilly for being different, including in this episode. Is this really the best thing for young girls to watch?

Hannah tries to make Lilly more 'girlie' in order to impress a boy...

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