Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Your Body Is NOT Ruined!

As a mother of three, and having been pregnant with many friends, this was all I heard for a long time: during first pregnancies, after, and then again during the next.  Then I began working for Weight Watchers as a leader and I heard it again: what do we do with these, how do we get rid of them?  My response is: Wear them proudly!

Now, with a minor in Women's Studies, I am reading as much as I can.  It's amazing how many true stories are out there about this very issue.  I recently read "Distorted," by Taryn Leigh Benson, which deals with a teen struggle over body image and a mom's desperate attempt to help.  This is a true story, worth reading.

Advertisers and photographers depict a perfect body as one that is not realistic to today's society with fast food rising, modern conveniences replacing traditional work and activities, and the typical on-the-go mentality.  Feeling good about oneself means from the inside out.  This includes stripes, especially if they are earned from regaining control of ones body whether it be from pregnancy or weight loss.  Why can't people see that?  Those stripes are earned.

Stacey Feldman


Tajuana said...

So true! As a mother of three, I called my stretch marks my beauty marks! Thanks for sharing.

Lydia said...

Someone made the comment about the "Mommy Makeover" and I was clueless!
Many years ago I read an article written by a woman who noticed that all of her friends were getting facelifts. I was in my twenties and her words stuck with me. Every wrinkle on her face represented something in her life. The smile when she gazed upon each of her children for the first time. The wrinkles from the tears shed during and after the death of her father. The laughter she shared with her sister over countless hours.
Now I'm fifty and when I look in the mirror I see all the moments of my life on my face. So I smile and make some more.

gerri jergensen said...

I call my stretch marks, c-section scar and wrinkles on my body, my road map of life. These once made me sad but today they make me look back on my life and thank god for what I have.

Stacey Feldman said...
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Stacey Feldman said...

I like that analogy, road map of life! Thanks for sharing. I will remember that.