Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Girl Project

Check it! The Girl Project

Kate Engelbrecht is an artist working on a national photography initiative called THE GIRL PROJECT

For the past 2 years she been sending disposable cameras to teenage girls living in the US and asking them to document their lives. The focus of the project is to look at adolescence from a teenage girls perspective. Given the abundance of representations of teenage girlhood, she wanted to explore it from their point of view rather than an adults. She hopes to complete the project in December of this year. At that time she will have sent 5,000 cameras to girls living in rural urban and suburban America. The collection of images they have taken will be a library of photographs (thousands strong) that she plans to edit into a photography book and traveling exhibition.

The Girl Project is a national collection of photographs taken by teenage girls. The photographs represent teenage girlhood and life as seen through the eyes of young women in America. The strongest images will be edited into a book and a traveling exhibition on female adolescence. E-mail us today and we will send you a disposable camera!

Participation in The Girl Project is FREE. All we need from you is your time and creativity. Your photographs tell the story. Shoot what and who you want. Shoot close-up or from far away. Use the film to photograph 1 or 36 subjects. Take pictures of people, things or landscapes. Take self portraits. Use the camera to express your feelings and thoughts – happy, sad, angry or indifferent. Be thoughtful or careless, formal or informal, traditional or experimental, literal or symbolic. Photography is a visual way to communicate your ideas and opinions to the world.

While it is our hope to get as many photographs as possible, we regret that we will not be able to use all of them. Only the most unique and creative will be selected. Should one or more of your photographs be chosen for the book and/or gallery show, you will be notified. GOOD LUCK!

*thanks to Ilana Nash for posting this to the Girls Studies Yahoo! Groups listserv

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