Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Oh the Places We Go! Girls Studies Project Samples

Throughout this six-week Summer 2015 semester, I was extraordinarily impressed by the engagement and classroom community we created in such a short time. The commitment of the students was evident from the first week through the final assignment. I intentionally left the final project somewhat open-ended in terms of approach to allow for creativity, particularly because we read about the variety of approaches of girls' activism and cover such a broad range of issues in the course.

Certain topics resonate with students differently so I permit the opportunity to tap into those interests and moments while still requiring that they effectively demonstrate an understanding of the course texts and nuances of each issue from context to context, especially where location, identity, and intersectionality are concerned.

As a celebration of our semester, I am sharing one example (for now) of an outcome from the final project assignment. Elizabeth chose to create a zine for girls dealing with the often hush-hush topic of menstruation and puberty.

I will share more samples as I receive student permission (with the option for them to remain anonymous). When submitted for credit, the creative approaches are accompanied by a written component to cover a range of criteria that connects the project to the course. They may also choose a more traditional approach and complete a research paper. I will only include snippets of written components but want to share some of what UCF students create when permitted to unleash their imaginations and focus their knowledge through multiple disciplines.

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"As a teenager, I must have read or watched a dozen guides devoted to making it through puberty. There were books on what to do during your period; there were films in school aboutwhat happens to the body during puberty; there were brochures on sexual health and abstinence.Yet, even with all of these resources, I never really felt equipped for what was happening, and I realize now that the reason for this was because these sources were giving me a sterile, analytical,one-sided view of puberty and menstruation as opposed to a comprehensive, holistic explanation of my body and my health."

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